Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Good Morning:

Hurricane Ike did very little damage here in Wharton, TX.  We were on the dry side of the storm and although we got some wind and rain, it has not been bad.  We still have electricity which we certainly did not expect.  

Looks like Galveston and Houston are in for a long recovery.  It's still early, but I'm sure you are also looking at the pictures.  What a mess.  The storm is huge.  I just looked at some satelite pictures and there are still rain bands far out into the Gulf.  

We came home from West Texas on Thursday.  We were supposed to go to an event for Ed's high school football team on Thursday night and then a special installation of his coach into the "Snyder Hall of Fame."  Ed missed his fiftieth class reunion and we really wanted to make this event but the predictions were for Ike to hit further to the west, and if it had, we would be where Houston is now.  

Anyway, we decided it was the better part of valor to come home.  We stopped in Abilene and bought a generator and some batteries.  when we got home, Ed and our neighbor put the thing together while I cleared the back patio of plants.  Didn't know I had so many!!  One end of the family room is full of plants and a bar-b-que pit.  Ed's workroom holds the patio furniture and another bar-b-que pit along with odds and ends.  So, if it stops raining--which looks unlikely--we have a job to do putting stuff back in place.

We watched the coverage of Ike until nearly midnight and then decided to get a little sleep before it go bad here.  Never happened.  Slept all night.  there were some good gusts, but only one that was bad enough to wake me.  There are a few tree limbs and signs in the street, but it doesn't look as bad as I've seen it after a good thunder storm.

Speaking of thunder.  I never heard any!   I guess we just were not so far out on the edge that they missed us.  Amazing.  

Have a great day,

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