Thursday, September 4, 2008

God's Gift of Teachers

Good morning:

I see from my trips to your blogs that many of us have taken a summer sabbatical. It’s good to be back. I believe this may be the place for the fellowship that I’m missing.

I spent the morning doing some reading in Kluane Spake’s book on wisdom. I have been hearing from the Lord that with knowledge I need to get understanding. I felt led to reread this book and discovered that she covers this very topic. God is good.

I love to read Kluane’s work. You know how you find some folks who are better able to communicate with you than others. She’s one for me. There are many others, but for today, she’s the one. Sometimes I need to read books that help me move beyond where I am in understanding His way. Other times it comes right from reading scripture on my own. But often it is a combination of the two. Thank God for helps! God’s teachers are a gift.

How about this question. How do we relate to someone who lives inside us and is there all the time? I think I heard it on a CD by Graham Cooke. Love that man. He is another of those who help me see beyond where I am and help me move on.

I’m rambling. Guess that’s what you do on a blog. Anyway, it’s good to be back.
Have a great day.

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