Sunday, December 2, 2007


I'm reading Wideopenspaces, Beyond Paint-by Number Christianity by Jim Palmer. In this book, Jim describes many of the things I've been experiencing for the past year or so. What I want to share here is how I got hold of this book.

My friend Karen, has a blog. Not having been into blogs, and deciding I wanted one, I explored hers to see how it worked. I was fascinated by the blog names of her friends. I picked one that I identified with and on it discovered this book. What was said intrigued me and I ordered it.

Is that God's leading? Absolutely. Only He knew I needed to find others who were looking at things so differently from their past beliefs. I love it. Will share some of my favorite quotes, but now it's time to get dressed and go out for breakfast with my husband.

It's a Sunday morning ritual, and one I enjoy. We meet friends and often talk for hours. Today I need to get home. The house is upside down with Christmas stuff out but not in place. Bringing order out of chaos is the business of this day.


Gary Means said...

I'm glad that you posted on Barbara's blog about Jim's book. I'll put it on my Christmas list now.

Gary Means said...

Oh, and I love your ritual. One Sunday afternoons I have coffee with my wife. On Saturday mornings I cook omelette for my best friend and my wife. Then he and I talk, sometimes for hours. We've been doing this for almost 18 years. He and I were each best man in one another's weddings 25 and 26 years ago. Now I also have coffee on Saturdays with another friend. I may have to schedule my rituals better!