Friday, November 30, 2007


Amazing! I now have added a list called Links I Like and moved the archives to the bottom of the posts. This could be fun.


Helen said...

Hi Pat from over the waters in England! welcome to the world of blogging, it's good fun and so lovely to make contact with others all over the world, I have been encouraged by others thoughts many times - but I warn you - the ironing is often somewhat delayed!

Have fun,
helen x.

Ed G. said...

Hi Pat -- i just started blogging this past may... and while I like the writing, the part of getting to "meet" and interact with so many nice people is probably the best part. There are no rules -- and no mistakes -- so just have fun! Bless you.

Dave. said...

Welcome Pat. Called in from Karen's blog. Have a great time blogging.

wilsonian said...

Hi Pat :)

Seems like you're settling in here just fine. I do hope you're enjoying yourself... blogging has a major life-changing experience for me.

Peace to you...
(ps. it always takes me a while to update my links list)

Pat said...

Erin: I love biscotti! Your blog is fascinating. Looking forward to getting to know you. Wanted to send you something and not post, but if there is a way, I have not yet figured it out.

Blessings from one whose clock has run out.