Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Unexpected Gift

As I have gotten older, I have bemoaned the loss of future time. So much to experience and not nearly enough time left to get it all done. Then I went to a funeral and my perspective has changed.

The man who died, Dick, was 93. He was the second older friend of my husband to leave in just a few weeks. Both of them lived until they died. Both were pilots but Dick didn't learn to fly until he was 77! He flew until he was 90 and continued to come to the airport and fly with others, occationally taking the controls. The other man, Bob, was a glider pilot who made his last flight a week before his death. They were both fascinated with living and God and people and they will be sorely missed.

However, for me, the point was to quit thinking about time. I know I can't "add to my days," but I can use them to the fullest--redeeming the time." God seems to be saying, you have all the time you need so quit thinking about time and live!


Missy said...

"You have all the time you need..."

I'll have to remember that. It's really a poignant reminder that we can only trust Him - as only He knows. Thanks, Pat!

Pat said...

Thanks Missy. Just went to your blog and saw your post on grace. I'll get back to it later since I know that I have all the time I need. ( :

karen said...

Wow..that's an awesome Word, Pat!
These guys were indeed blessings on this earth.

Gary Means said...

This post really brightened my day. I'm 53, with some health concerns, so I wonder how much time I will have. Sometimes it bothers me. Perhaps not as much as it bothers my wife. But I can do something about most of my issues. Your post is a reminder of how precious this time is.

A good friend of mine (about the same age as me) may die of cancer today. He's very close to passing. His faith is awesome, and he is very clear that he's ready to go. Not because he wants to escape the trials of cancer, but because he feel Christ's presence in his hospital room.

Mike said...

Pat, I lost a friend and coworker Thanksgiving Day. Many of the church people around him did not consider him a good "Christian" because he was not vocally aggressive. But he demonstrated Christ in ways they can't understand because they are so busy listening to themselves.

I will see him again.

Thanks for a thoughtful post.

Pat said...

Thanks Mike. I miss lots of folks and figure if I loved them and God is inside me, He must have loved them too. There has to be more to relationship with Him than we know. Glad I can put down judging and just look to love.

I went to your blog. Look forward to dialoging with you. Pagan Christianity is a favorite of mine. It gives me permission to dump stuff with ease.