Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hearing God on Grants

It’s a good day. I think I already said that Ed gave me a new Mac for our anniversary. Spent yesterday at the Apple Store learning about iMovie and downloading the things remaining on my JVC camera. I had already put them on the PC but they looked tall and thin and I feared the final results. So, now all the stuff is ready to work on. I had one file 0f me teaching in Kenya that was already on the old Mac and had been transferred to the new one. It is huge and I have to export it to QuickTime this morning to get it down to DVD size. More of the wonderful learning curve.

All this to say, this morning an idea came that may be from the Lord. The young man who helped me yesterday is a marathon runner. He reminded me that young people have little time to read but most either exercise or spend time commuting and do have listening time. This brought me back to podcasts.

There are so many wonderful articles that are already written and need only to be read into a podcast and put out there. I know how to do it with an Mac. Bet one of you knows how to do it on a PC. Even books could be done by chapters so they could be downloaded onto iPods and digested.

I had been encouraging an overworked friend to delegate. There is no way for me to begin to do all the things I think of. Do you think if we could get the word out that there are people out there that might be willing to do some recording.

I also thought about grant writing. In many cases large grants are divided into segments. There is a great need to write grants for the folks we met in Kenya. Again, I can’t do it all. If we had clear explanations of the project do you suppose anyone might be willing to help with the writing. I know there are folks here in Wharton where I live who would help with editing and there are probably those who would be willing to write if they were given some direction into how it’s done.

It’s a good day! God loves us. He says we need laborers for the harvest—that’s what sparked the idea. He delegated, so should we.

What do you think? I’d really like to hear your comments.


Another Voice said...
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Missy said...

Gracious, Pat, you got more knowledge of this computer stuff than I do for sure! I am certainly at the bottom of that curve. :)

You do have a lot of ideas! What type of grants are you talking about?

Pat said...

Dear Missy:

Grants for the people we met in Kenya to purchase land so the widows can have a place to raise food for themselves and their families. Also for a three schools that serve orphans who would otherwise be very unlikely to get an education. Take a look at for a longer list of things needing doing there.

On top of that, I'm working with a group called Just Do It Now that is trying to get a school that will soon be vacated and make it into a community center with numerous services. It is located in the neighborhood where it is needed.

It goes on and on. Want to help?

Pat said...


The web address did not come out clearly. Go to and look in the right hand column and click on "Worthwhile Projects" It will take you to a page with links to a number of projects all of which could be helped with grants.

Missy said...

Pat, I have not been avoiding an answer, simply praying and considering your request. As one who overcommits and frequently fails to delegate, I've learned to take my time and consider before leaping. I have extensive editing experience - no grant writing experience and I use Camtasia for posting training lessons for work, so with the recording equipment I have, I can probably figure out how to do a podcast reading. But let me know how I might be able to help - am not exactly sure from the website what I can DO to help. Email with some of those details: missy_vinson @ yahoo (dot) com.

Pat said...


Awesome. I need to pray about specifics--give me a few days. =

karen said...

Looks like we've both been blog-absent!

karen said...

You better get back here, sister! You have a lot to report!!