Friday, January 25, 2008

Busy Lives

It's been over a week since I have even looked at blogs. How do we get so busy? Or is it that we waste precious time. I get convicted by that passage on "redeeming the time. This week was full of “activities.” I’m a hospice volunteer and this was the week for training and TB tests. Wednesday was the Pilot Club Chili supper. I joined Pilot Club last fall and this was my first time through their annual feast--great fun but exhausting. I came home with knees and feet complaining loudly but recovered overnight and all is well.

Yesterday was Share, our local food pantry where I volunteer on Thursdays for four hours. I had written a grant for them and we got back word that it was denied. It was to cover dental expenses to remove abscessed teeth and to pay for prescription drugs for those who could not afford them—also glasses for those needing them.

Share can probably come up with the money for the drug needs, but dental is way out of budget. This morning as I was enjoying some time with the Lord the thought came to me that we should declare (claim) healing for those teeth. I’m still praying about my hearing, but I think it was Him.

I mentioned earlier the section in James 5 on claiming healing as a covenant promise bought for us by the Lord. I think He’s saying, OK, do you believe or not. I know He stopped a cold in its tracks for me when I claimed healing before the Graham Cooke conference. Now, I’m hearing step out in faith when I say so and watch Me work. Catch the “when I say so.” Hearing will be required, but it breaks my heart to send people away who are in terrible pain and even danger from abscessed teeth. So, next week we will see if I’m still hearing the same thing. I’ll let you know.

Today is a wonderful day. I don’t have to do anything but get the TB test read and get some eggs at the store. That means, time for blogs and reading and Him. I love it. Hope you have a great day too.


karen said...

you do a lot!

Mike said...

Pat, it sounds like you need some time off!